Cashmere Care



Cashmere goat diet comes from grazing raised under organic standards. The fiber of the cashmere yarn is produced without the use of man made chemicals and dyed with non toxic organic natural dyes. Because these yarns cost more to produce and dye they cost more than non-organic yarns. 



WASHING INSTRUCTION: Cashmere is a very fine exceptionally soft natural fiber. Giving your knits a prime care I recommend washing your cashmere with hands. Turn the garment inside out. Lightly wash it using your hands in lukewarm water with gentle detergent. I recommend "The Laundress" Wool and Cashmere Shampoo, which is an eco-friendly detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Rinse it well in clean cold water and then press out excess water. Never twist or wring your knit garment. Gently roll it up in a towel to remove more water. To dry lay it flat on a towel or a drying rack, making sure the garment is in its original shape. When it is dry steam it gently to remove any fold or use light pressing with a steam iron set on wool setting at the reverse side. 

DRY CLEANING: If you decide to dry clean your cashmere garment ask your dry cleaner for special treatment with less chemicals. Choose a "green" eco friendly dry cleaning method if possible.

STORAGE: Knitted garments should be folded, never hung on hangers, to prevent stretching.